What We Believe In

Recovering Ancient Cosmography

Who we are

The Center for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Cosmography is a dedicated Non Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to the exploration, research, and safeguarding of Ancient Cosmographic Knowledge. Its mission extends beyond mere academic curiosity, as it seeks to unravel the mysteries of how ancient civilizations perceived and understood the cosmos.

What we do

The Center for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Cosmography is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of ancient cosmology. Through in-depth research, educational initiatives, and artifact preservation, we delve into how past civilizations perceived and interacted with the cosmos. By bridging the gap between history and modern understanding, we offer valuable insights into the rich tapestry of human intellectual and cultural heritage.

Aims and Objectives of the Organization

  1. To sponsor and assist in the study of the Ancient Scripts from the Ancient Near Eastern Languages.
  2. To interpret the Existing Artifacts or Monuments for the purposes of communicating valid information concerning the Ancient Life, Culture, Believes and Practices.
  3. To work hand-in-hand with Archaeologies and Historians on the validity of their discoveries within the conceptual framework that they are operating on.
  4. To sponsor and assist financially or otherwise on how to read, write and translate ancient script and possibly speak the languages, especially the functional ones.
  5. To collate and preserve Ancient Epigraphy and Paleography for the purposes of studies and monumental activities.
  6. To run a mini museum for the display of Ancient Artifacts and all related monuments for the purposes of research and studies.
  7. To engage in any activity that relates to Language Development and Preservation within the framework of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for the preservation of languages globally.
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